Guessing game

image via thesartorialist.com

This is my favorite type of fashion photograph; it looks and feels like reality and that's because it is. This photo was taken by Scott Schuman, better known as the creator of the sartorialist blog, on a rainy evening after the Altuzarra show at New York Fashion Week. So in most senses of the word this photo is reality, albeit fashion reality, which is really a thing of its own.

The same way we've been obsessed with reality tv, we've been more and more interested in reality fashion, in other words the streetstyle shot. And this image is good-- it's black and white, it has an element of drama (rain! night! New York!) and still manages to showcase the items she's wearing. It's so good it would appear in one of those coffee table books published entirely of streetstyle photographs, that I would eventually come to own and love.

And maybe I'm a little bit weird but I also like the guessing-game element. For example, that is one hell of a leather jacket she has draped over her head, wonder who it's by? My spidey-sense tells me it's Balenciaga, but I could be wrong.

That bag is just the right amount of structured in just the right size. Must be Celine. ( I also think I can see the classic gold logo...)

She also happens to be using a Blackberry Bold so I feel just a little bit better for just a bit longer about also being a Bold user (Blackberry-1, iphone- 0).



My heart beats fast (for fall tailoring): a lust poem

Trousers hit just at the ankle bone,
skirts graze the mid-calf.
Shorts are two or three inches above the knee.
Where the sleeve meets the shirt-torso a line forms;
it sits where my arm meets my torso.
Sleeves reach the wrist bone (or if too long) are cuffed to mid forearm.
It grazes the body
well tailored yet straight in shape.

Fabric helps.
Stiff wool, structured rayon
embroidered wool and vintage polyester.
Navy and burgundy velvet.
soft leather, stiff leather
old leather, new leather.

Tibi (the-northlight.com)

Asos (the-northlight.com)

It's a love poem about fashion so it's funny... but it's true.


Kate Moss- the rad-est mom of all
image via fashionstyletrend.com

Sometimes I miss being cool. Actually scratch that I AM cool. I'm a mom, I work hard, I have creative outlets, and I still know what's hip and happening (excuse the dorky terminology). What I really miss is being too cool. That feeling when you're young and you're just too damn cool for everything. Without going into the specifics I think you know the attitude I'm referring to. It's often attributed to a  teenage state of mind, but I think in the reality of 2012 this mind set applies to people far beyond their teenage years. 

I think of this as I'm at my desk at work; I'm tired, the tasks are frustrating and it's past noon. At this point in my "too cool" life I would have yelled an internal "fuck this!" (sometimes even out loud) and taken a break, probably with a cigarette.

Instead, I'm going to quickly write this and get back to work. Fuck being too cool; I like my job, babies are awesome and sleeping is over-rated anyhow!


Work Wear

image via chinadaily.com
Stella McCartney Fall 2012


maybe not ONE of a kind but close

If you care how and by whom your stuff is made,I know I sometimes do, you want to shop at Of A Kind.

Hero_braidedcagering-product-3braided cage ring by Fortune Favors the Brave - $70 - "50 of a kind' < i.e. only 50 of these were ever made!
Hero_momentomori-product-9memento mori cuff by Bing Bang - $70-  "50 of a kind"
Hero_doublecrystalstuds-product-1double crystal studes by Better Late Then Never- $125- "25 of a kind" 
Hero_landscapetote-product-3landscape tote by Louise Goods - $175 - "22 of a kind"

The great stuff gets sold out fast but you can always visit the individual websites of most of the designers to see the other greatness they have for sale.


I got good stuff on...

I like legitimate sales. None of this 15% off crap. This bra cost me $15 bucks at Calvin Klein on Bloor.

Fall/Winter preview: Stomp through the slush aggressively

images via DrMartens.com

Wear the patent-metallic-color-changie ones for slush, wear the pony hair ones for fluffy white snow. This winter will be easy on my bank account! (price range of $200 - $300ish)

P.S. Boys, wear them with: Raw Denim. Girls, wear them with: leather pants. Or boys where them with leather and girls wear them with raw denim. Honestly, who cares? Fashion is in a seriously unisex(y) place right now.

I went to the...

Linda Farrow Trunk Sale at Spectacle Queen St. in Toronto.

I saw...
Linda Farrow Luxe, Dries, Alex Wang, Matthew Williamson, The Row, Agent Provocateur... Probably some others I'm forgetting. See my personal faves below.

 Match the numbers to the designers homies!

1. Alexander Wang 2. Alexander Wang. 3. Linda Farrow Luxe 4. Dries Van Noten 5. The Row 6. Linda Farrow Luxe 7. Last season in stores NOW; all over celebrity faces 8. Linda Farrow Luxe