Kate Moss- the rad-est mom of all
image via fashionstyletrend.com

Sometimes I miss being cool. Actually scratch that I AM cool. I'm a mom, I work hard, I have creative outlets, and I still know what's hip and happening (excuse the dorky terminology). What I really miss is being too cool. That feeling when you're young and you're just too damn cool for everything. Without going into the specifics I think you know the attitude I'm referring to. It's often attributed to a  teenage state of mind, but I think in the reality of 2012 this mind set applies to people far beyond their teenage years. 

I think of this as I'm at my desk at work; I'm tired, the tasks are frustrating and it's past noon. At this point in my "too cool" life I would have yelled an internal "fuck this!" (sometimes even out loud) and taken a break, probably with a cigarette.

Instead, I'm going to quickly write this and get back to work. Fuck being too cool; I like my job, babies are awesome and sleeping is over-rated anyhow!