My heart beats fast (for fall tailoring): a lust poem

Trousers hit just at the ankle bone,
skirts graze the mid-calf.
Shorts are two or three inches above the knee.
Where the sleeve meets the shirt-torso a line forms;
it sits where my arm meets my torso.
Sleeves reach the wrist bone (or if too long) are cuffed to mid forearm.
It grazes the body
well tailored yet straight in shape.

Fabric helps.
Stiff wool, structured rayon
embroidered wool and vintage polyester.
Navy and burgundy velvet.
soft leather, stiff leather
old leather, new leather.

Tibi (the-northlight.com)

Asos (the-northlight.com)

It's a love poem about fashion so it's funny... but it's true.