Guessing game

image via thesartorialist.com

This is my favorite type of fashion photograph; it looks and feels like reality and that's because it is. This photo was taken by Scott Schuman, better known as the creator of the sartorialist blog, on a rainy evening after the Altuzarra show at New York Fashion Week. So in most senses of the word this photo is reality, albeit fashion reality, which is really a thing of its own.

The same way we've been obsessed with reality tv, we've been more and more interested in reality fashion, in other words the streetstyle shot. And this image is good-- it's black and white, it has an element of drama (rain! night! New York!) and still manages to showcase the items she's wearing. It's so good it would appear in one of those coffee table books published entirely of streetstyle photographs, that I would eventually come to own and love.

And maybe I'm a little bit weird but I also like the guessing-game element. For example, that is one hell of a leather jacket she has draped over her head, wonder who it's by? My spidey-sense tells me it's Balenciaga, but I could be wrong.

That bag is just the right amount of structured in just the right size. Must be Celine. ( I also think I can see the classic gold logo...)

She also happens to be using a Blackberry Bold so I feel just a little bit better for just a bit longer about also being a Bold user (Blackberry-1, iphone- 0).