Skulls & other things

Sox cap Cooperstown collection, $45, Community54 in Toronto
Skull bracelet, Community54 in Toronto

I originally went into Community54 in Toronto to get a NY Yankees snap-back. As is obvious from the image above I settled on a Sox cap instead; when it came down to it a hat with the NY logo seemed a little overplayed. I'm not a big sports fan so I was looking more at composition and color then anything else. The Sox cap was exactly what I was looking for: simple clean logo set on a mostly black hat.

BUT that skull bracelet is the bigger reason I left with a smile on my face that day. Like the hat it's a great UNISEX piece. The skull adds just the right amount of rough and tough,and the green--not too small and dainty-- beads, look great on the boys and on the girls!

Find more of these bracelets on Natalya Amres' Etsy Shop or at Community54.