Mother's Day Outfit (for the cooooool mom)

It's Mother's Day and someone who is somehow related to you is taking you out for brunch, for lunch, for shopping, for whatever. You may be a mama now, but you're a cool mama and you want to look the part!

A great t-shirt is important to a style-saavy chick BUT it's that much more important to a style-saavy MOM. It's easy to wear and more importantly it's easy to wash.
The t-shirt in the image above is from H&M; it's got an interesting structured fit that sits tailored to the body, so it looks casual yet awesome. 

The pajama trend is a great "mom-trend". You can be stylish, you can be comfortable and you can spend $60 for a great polyester pair, like those pictured above, and wash them whenever needed!

A great bag will complete and pull together any outfit. This is especially important for mama as she may not always have time to put together the perfect outfit, but she can always carry a great bag. The YSL not only looks great but is big enough to an fit extra diaper, a toy or two etc. etc. (and I MEAN etc. etc. )

Tshirt (trendy) + Pants (trendy) + Bag (classic) = great outfit :)