Aloha! Tropical Prints for spring! for boys! for girls!

 I want to say: "tropical/Hawaiian print shirts are back!" but I think that would be inaccurate, were they ever really "in"? Or have they always been the domain of unfashionable middle-aged dudes on vacation, holding on to a past vacation or maybe just pretending they're on vacation. So let me just say "tropical print shirts are in!" Stella McCartney could always transform a horrible 90s trend (i.e. very big shoulders, over-sized blazers) into the latest thing and she did it again for her SS12 collection.

Stella McCartney SS2012, image via Just Pirez

........ & for the boys. I don't know 'bout you but I love me some unisex trends. 

Ksubi SS2012, image via knight cat

In Toronto, online or pretty much worldwide, this is where you can find the trend:

If you want to just dip a toe into the trend try this more subdued pattern from Adam Kimmel
Adam Kimmel fold collar shirt in Hawaiian black, $425, NOMAD

For a classic looking "Hawaiian" shirt that fits like a dream-- i.e. slim tailored-- try this shirt from Wings & Horns. Not only is this brand Canadian based, this shirt is actually MADE IN CANADA.

key collar short sleeve Hawaiian print, Wings & Horns, $195, NOMAD

tropical print shirt, $25, H&M

As always H&M is there for you when you want the trends and have little cash to spend!

If you're not into buying your clothes at retail giants, because of the possibility of that horrible moment when you see someone or many someones wearing the exact same thing, go vintage! 

In Toronto check out Madam Vintage!

If your favorite haunt doesn't yet carry the item in question try asking about it, often owners have vast personal collections and lots of boxes that haven't yet made it into the store.