In all honesty, I love these sandals. I fell in love with them the first time I saw them, I took pictures of them with my phone, I posted those pictures to twitter BUT I didn't buy them. I decided to think about it because, as I mentioned above, they weren't cheap. I pined for these babies until they were sold out. And then I pined for them some more.  As you might have guessed this story has a happy ending and I did eventually track the leathery zipper-clad shoes down. Unfortunately, my white cloud of self satisfaction was tinged with a dark lining (You know-- like the opposite of those dark clouds with the silver lining) because these shoes were MADE IN CHINA. 

When Alexander Wang shoes were made in Italy it was prominently stamped on the bottom, but to find the MADE IN CHINA label on these shoes was no small challenge, as it was cleverly hidden on the underside of the strap. I'm going to assume that Alexander Wang doesn't want to advertise this for the same reason I don't want to buy it; the MADE IN CHINA label has become synonymous with cheap and often sub-standard quality product. It also implies mass production and let's face it, you want to believe your "luxury" items are somehow special and limited in quantity not cranked out by the hundreds in a huge factory. 

When buying designer items that are MADE IN CHINA are you no longer paying for quality but only for brand? And does MADE IN CHINA really mean bad quality? To tell you the truth I'm not sure, all I know for sure is that I love these sandals.