How to: shop the sales

I am quite sure that the fashion industry, like most industries, created the idea of "sales" to simply make more, for lack of a better word, SALES. In most cases the sale price is the more, let's say, "realistic" price of an item. hence the full price is really just the highest price that people are willing to pay. this is important to remember when you see that $40 dollar sweater, you weren't so sure you needed, on sale for $5! your first reaction might be omg! only $5! gotta have it! but think again. maybe you weren't so sure you wanted it in the first place because the material seemed kinda cheap, it was orange (or whatever is the new black of the season) but not quite that trendy orange you were looking for, and the fit, well of course the fit was a little off too. the conclusion is that sweater was always worth $5 and therefore you don't really want or need it! save your 5 bucks and buy a Booster Juice to give you that energy boost you need to smart-shop those sales!

which brings me to rule #1: don't buy cheap stuff cheaper.

rule #2: do! buy expensive stuff at 50-70% off. It may still not be cheap but it's worth it.

rule #3: scout the goods you want. Pre-sale do some serious window shopping, except actually go in the store! check out the items you want, try things on (especially shoes!), ask the sales person how many of your size are currently circulating in the company. This works best with shoes.

rule #4: and last but not least don't forget to save your pennies!  after all, the point of  smart sale shopping is being smart and not racking up a buttload of debt! I know it might sound like rule # 2 contradicts this but it doesn't.  Just think of sale shopping (like all shopping) as having a disclaimer... ONLY SHOP IF YOU HAVE SOME MONEY IN THE FIRST PLACE!

happy shopping!