How to: Matte Gold nails

left: Revlon Top Speed in Golden ; right: O.P.I. matte top coat, sephora.com

To achieve the matte-ish gold colour pictured in the Fendi ad (see below) i liked Revlon Top Speed in Golden. I wasn't looking to spend more than 10 bucks so i headed to the drug store. Most drug store brands do have some variation of the trendy gold colour but most are too sparkley and lack that yellow mustard shade i was looking for.

In the post below colour is achieved with 2 coats of the Revlon.

While on the hunt for just the right shade i got a great tip from a make-up artist friend of a friend (hint: when on the hunt spread the word) on how to achieve truly matte colours; opi matte top coat; available at Sephora. I haven't picked it up yet but will be doing so soon!