The nude heel: Stella McCartney


The nude heel is a staple. They will make your legs look longer and will work with almost any outfit. For example, you're jumping on the super-trend train and wearing WHITE head to toe for the first time? The nude heel will polish up that "I-look-like-a-painter-all-I'm-missing-is-a-brush" look and make you presentable for the outside world. 

These are Stella McCartney and a few seasons old, purchased for a downright criminal (in a good way) price at the (sometimes) fantastic Holt Renfrew Last Call. I've probably said this before (many times!) but a good pair of heels/brogues/flats/boots are worth the investment, as they will likely stay relevant, not to mention intact longer! And p.s. IT'S SALE SEASON! So no excuses.