The Bag Guide Part II: Better than Celine...

Don't quote me on that "better than Celine" comment... but anyway:

Traveler's clutch: Pepper red, $115, Fleabags
image via Fleabags SS12 Lookbook

A few short months ago I really wanted a document folder clutch. I thought of it more as a document folder size than an ipad case; the kind an old man carries his documents in. I don't know where I got this "need" from, I'm not sure who inspired it. I do know that regardless of the originality of my want the "over-sized clutch" has become a "fashion staple".

In case you were wondering (and I'm pretty sure you weren't) I put all these terms in quotations because I think they are somewhat tacky and very much over-used. They are meant to appeal to and be coveted by a mass market. This sometimes bothers me a lot, sometimes not so much. 

In this case the intense trendiness of the "over-sized clutch" bothered me a lot. In fact it turned me off completely and I no longer wanted one at all. Until now...

This bag (regardless of technical name) is great. It is hand made from vintage/recycled leather and this all happens, somewhat locally, in New York. And I can Only speak for myself. but there is something kind of rad about knowing exactly who made your bag! (by seeing their picture on the site of course.)

Also comes in blue!

get it HERE

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