The Bag Guide: PART I (YSL BABY!)

YSL Hamptons Bag in Burgundy, YSL.com

YSL Medium Easy in Grey Textured Leather, YSL.com

These days "It" bags are a-dime-a-dozen!  By that I mean, each new season, sometimes each new month, ushers in a new designer must-have. What I do not mean by "a-dime-a-dozen" is that you can easily purchase these bags and be able to pay the rent. 

If you take your handbags seriously, but do not on-whimsy throw down the plastic for a new one whenever  the feeling strikes you, this guide is for you. I will search (i.e. Google) far and wide and bring you the best for under $2000! Impossible you say? Well yes, kind of, but still, I'm going to try.

The YSL Easy (medium) is: not too big, not too small, has staying power, i.e. can be worn for more than one season, made of a durable textured leather, comes with short & long straps AND is of course under $2000.

Because I have yet to see this gem on any blogs I think this might be the right one for me. If it's not the right one for you stay tuned for PART II of The Bag Guide!