candy colored grunge

photo courtesy American Vogue
photo courtesy WonderlandMagazine
photo courtesy of WonderlandMagazine

I'm a big fan of candy colored hair. i'm loving this trend in particular because it's grungy, raw and has that great my-blonde-roots-are-showing-and-it-looks-like-i-haven't-washed-my-hair-in-weeks look. this coupled with some designer duds exudes the nonchalant attitude that i think many of us would like to portray, especially when wearing pieces that cost half our rent. :)

If your hair is already blonde this is an easy temporary look that can be achieved with bingo stampers, markers, pastels or anything else that will temporarily (and inexpensively) achieve bright color. if you're interested in the details email me at WearInTO@gmail.com.

If your hair isn't blonde, probably leave this trend on the runway and in the magazine. unless of course you have limitless time or $$$ and don't mind very damaged hair.